I'm Tomas

I'm thrilled that you're here and excited for you to dive into this showcase of my work. What you will find are glimpses into the lives of real people experiencing just how extraordinary their lives are. Weddings have a way of doing that, and I've been privileged to weave stories around these experiences for nearly 20 years. Hundreds of weddings, thousands of smiles. Happy tears. Epic celebrations. Truly an incredible journey.
Wedding Photography is a great responsibility and for me, an even greater honor.

The work wouldn't be what it is without a genuine feeling of awe for the people and experiences that I capture. There's a connection that is rooted in curiosity, sincerity and respect. These guiding principals - coupled with heaps of experience - make for some pretty special results. Results that convey the profound significance of love in our lives and serve as lasting reminders of how blessed we are.

Congratulations on your engagement! I'm thrilled for you and your family. I hope that you'll reach out to say hello. I'm eager to learn about you and the adventures that await.



Rochester, NY 14607

250 N. Goodman St. Studio #405


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